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Drama Queens (Nintendo DS tweedehands game)

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Drama Queens voor de ds

  • Spin the wheel and choose your path to move your character around the 3D board game environment! Beware of the Drama Spaces as they can lead you to lose your job, have a Best Friend Forever (BFF) stand you up, or cause another girl to steal your boyfriend
  • In order to win you must become the most popular girl around. Your work, BFF, and love points are tallied at the end of the pre-determined number of rounds
  • Select from one of four girls with their own personalities and special attributes
  • Compete with up to 3 friends to see who's more popular in Multi Card Play or "Hot Seat" where you take turns on one DS
  • Gain points while playing to purchase outfits, BFFs or boyfriends from the "Fashion Boutique". Purchased BFFs can then be used as selectable characters
  • Earn and use secret cards to steal boyfriends or promotions, add BFF points, or avoid the consequences of landing on a "Drama" space
  • Play in four different levels including Hollywood Hills, Fashion Gate Mall, Glamour Runway, or Dance Club!
  • Friends: Earn BFFs while playing. Your friends give you unique abilities like stealing other BFFs from your opponents or adding to your popularity score
  • Work: Earn promotions or new jobs while playing. Start off as an intern and work your way to the top of the Fashion Industry
  • Love: You can get love interests while playing or even steal another girl's boyfriend. Boyfriends also give you special abilities like allowing you to keep secret cards after using them or even move additional spaces.
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