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Call of Duty 3 (Xbox 360 nieuw)

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€ 19,95

Call of Duty 3 voor de xbox 360

Brings you closer than ever to the fury of combat.
Fight your way through the Normandy Breakout campaign, the most devastating series of battles in WWII. Featuring all new battle actions, destructible environments, and vehicle-bases online Multiplayer, Call of Duty 3 delivers the most cinematic and intense combat moment ever experienced.

•Fight alongside your squad through the heavily-defended French countryside in an all-out assault to liberate Paris.
•Next generation technology delivers the most authentic and immersive war experience yet.
•Up to 24 Player online Multiplayer support includingen new never-before seen modes and multiple occupancy vehicles.

Specificatie Omschrijving
Soort Artikel Game
Type Xbox 360
Conditie Nieuw
Genre Shooter
Leeftijd 18+
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