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Dragons Lair in doos (zonder boekje) (Super Nintendo tweedehands game)

€ 32,95 (inclusief btw)

From deep within Mardoc's Castle, a foul stench rose up to mix with the cold, damp midnight air; the telltale sign of the evil wizard's pet fire-breathing dragon, Singe; the beast that guarded the Princess Daphne in the deadly caves far below the surfice.

Dirk the Daring walked steadily toward the castle gate.

He felt no fear; but then fear was for cowards.

No other would dare to enter this perilous castle where Mordoc had imprisoned the helpless princess.

But for Dirk there was no other possible course to take.

Now was the time for heroes.

Now was the time ofr action.

Now was the time to enter the Dragon's Lair....

Specificatie Omschrijving
Type Super Nintendo
Genre Actie Avontuur
Conditie Tweedehands
Leeftijd 3+
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