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Dynasty Warriors Fighter's Battle (Nintendo DS used game)

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Dynasty Warriors Fighter's Battle voor de Nintendo DS

It's time to team up with the legendary Dynasty Warriors and save Ancient China. Rival kingdoms and hordes of rebel soldiers are on the attack. In Dynasty Warriors DS: Fighter's Battle, players must reunite a divided nation by taking on the role of one of three new characters, each with their own special attribute: the Phoenix (key attribute: balance), the Dragon (key attribute: speed), and the Chimera (key attribute: power).

Using a "Battle Deck" of cards, players select up to seven of the original Dynasty Warriors to serve as officers who will defend their bases. A new "Obstacle Roulette System" lets players unleash tactics or spells using cards from the players' Battle Deck. These Obstacle attacks can disrupt an opponent's progress and are crucial to victory, especially in the game's wireless Vs. mode.

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