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Die Hard Vendetta (gamecube used game)

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€ 2,95

Die Hard Vendetta voor de GameCube
It’s time for a little payback.

Take on the role of the heroic cop, John McClane, to protect and rescue innocent Los Angeles citizens – and his daughter, Lucy – as this original, non-stop, action-packed Die Hard storyline unfolds. Use your wits – and everything else at your disposal – to blast your way through L.A.’s seedy underworld.

Game Features:
- Weaponry – Dual weapons for more fire power and a awesome arsenal including night vision goggles, a sniper rifle, Sub Machine Gun and more.

- Advanced Ai – Enemies hide behind corners when reloading and react differently according to where they are hit. Be careful – they will not think twice about killing hostages if you make a wrong move.

- Stealth Gameplay – Take enemies captive to save civilian hostages.

- Hero Mode – Take on multiple bad guys at one time as you fire all 6 shots before your enemies can shoot once.

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