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The Terminator Dawn of Fate (ps2 Nieuw)

Artikelnummer: 3546430101698
€ 19,95

The Terminator Dawn of Fate voor de ps2

Terminator: Dawn of Fate is the prequel to Cameron's Terminator movie, set in the year 2027. The machines of Skynet have risen, reaping a bloody harvest of human flesh across the globe. You are a soldier of Tech Com, a ragged team of human resistance fighters intent upon stopping the overwhelming onslaught of cybernetic assassins in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. Your ultimate goal is to reach a time travel device in time to send Kyle Reese back to 1984, with the hope of preventing a relentless Terminator model T-800 from murdering Sarah Connor, mother of resistance leader John Connor. This multi-perspective action game features three playable characters, 11 missions, and 15 different enemy types.


Specificatie Omschrijving
Type Playstation 2
Soort Artikel Game
Genre Shooter
Conditie Nieuw
Leeftijd 12+
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