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Heroes of the Pacific (PS2 nieuw)

Artikelnummer: 5024866330106
€ 19,95

It's December 1941 and a Japanese naval strike force heads towards the island of Hawaii with just one aim in mind - obliterating Pearl Harbor

Battles themselves start off in a relatively serene fashion as you swat aside tiny squadrons, but soon the skies are swarming with wave upon wave of fighters and bombers. Hundreds of Axis and Allied planes start swooping, soaring and rat-at-at-ing at once.

Lovely presentation (complete with authentic WW2 recruitment posters) and touches such as enemies parachuting from doomed wrecks and hair-raising barrel-rolling physics adds a layer of sheen to war in the Pacific Theatre.

With a whopping 35 US and Japanese aircraft on offer and choice of arcade of "professional" controls, this Boy's Own adventure is looking like a refreshingly original and engaging ride.

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